What I meant about asking forgiveness (strip 4073)

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What I meant about asking forgiveness (strip 4073) Empty What I meant about asking forgiveness (strip 4073)

Post by Zixinus on Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:12 am

What I meant to ask, is why is Trenody is saying "I cannot say I can forgive you for what you may have done".

I find this odd because why would Trenody be talking about forgiveness for Rosemary's potential sins? Rosemary mentioned that she has fought and even implied that he killed people, yes. I am guessing that the Brush-religion has a Catholic-like system of forgiving sins. Okay. Maybe by having priests of the Brush forgive you, you will be forgiven by the Brush itself somehow.

So shouldn't Trenody be talking about that later, when Rosemary is actually in the Brush-religion equivalent of a Confessional? Or when Rosemary isn't just admitting she did bad things, but confessing them and hoping to gain forgiveness for them? After all, the first thing necessary for forgiveness is the realization necessary that you need to be forgiven and after that, is you asking for forgiveness. Giving it before you done those first two things seems to be a rather strange thing to do for someone that is supposed to be concerned for your moral being.

I am not Catholic, so I have to ask: do Catholic priests forgive you for your sins before you admit them and want them to forgiven? Or do they make general "I forgive you" phrases?


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What I meant about asking forgiveness (strip 4073) Empty Re: What I meant about asking forgiveness (strip 4073)

Post by Geoduck on Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:54 pm

First be aware that until a "fact" appears in-strip, nothing is entirely set in stone; I'm always working on background details. And I am also not Catholic, and the Temple is not based on Catholicism.
And possibly, SPOILERS follow.



Perhaps she/I should have included the word "automatically" in that statement. There are no formal confessionals in the Temple religion, Oracles (and Guardians) are supposed to offer less-structured advice, council and sympathy. While the religion is not committed to total pacifism, it does discourage violence whenever possible, and if you do something wanton and horrible enough, you can be barred from officially attending Temple. That is the official limit of the Temple's power in terms of physical punishment, apart from minor stuff out on the fringes like Dirge assisting the Sheriff in his duties, the secular state controls the justice system. Sheriff Skragg invokes the King's Law, not the Temple's. Though in a post-Crash world, the nuts-and-bolts reality is more "Provincial Governator's Law."

And while such banishment doesn't automatically and totally condemn you to eternal punishment, (only the Brush can do that) it's a major black mark against you when you go to face the Brush's final judgement. Or so the current Mainstream doctrine goes. Threnody's Throwback predecessor Omega was a lot stricter and harsher in her interpretation, and would have probably told Rosemary that she was essentially on probation, and would be closely watched.

And while part of her would have loved to kick Sylvester out, Omega stuck rigidly to the rules as she saw them, and he never did anything clear-cut enough to "deserve" banishing. And if she had tossed him, it would have deprived her of the opportunity to rail at him on a regular basis. Oracles are humans, too.

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