"Slinker" the Fixit (SPOILERS)

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"Slinker" the Fixit (SPOILERS) Empty "Slinker" the Fixit (SPOILERS)

Post by Geoduck on Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:25 pm

Got a question about what happened with the Fixit nicknamed "Slinker" mentioned here. Comshaw later speculates that the Council might set up an ambush and capture him, but nothing was shown on-screen.





This might disappoint people, but.. I have no definite answer to what happened with him, as it isn't all that important plotwise (and I am trying very hard anymore to not wander off into extra side-plots.) In-strip for now I will leave the question open in case some good use for him occurs to me, but the various possible outcomes are:

1. The unnamed Fixit who is willing to at least listen to Agita here was allowed to get in contact with his superiors, and word got to Slinker to go to ground.

2. Slinker wasn't even scheduled to go meet with Snufix that night, never came around, and then heard from some source that the whole operation is blown. (By now, word of this has definitely gotten around everywhere.)

3. Slinker did show up, but Widdendreem simply wasn't there, being kept under guard in the Council chambers.

4. The Council did try to capture him, but like the Fixit attached to Ogdoad the Eyebolt, he killed himself or escaped. If right now I had to pick an outcome, it would probably be this, just because it is the most likely thing the Council would try and do, and also it simplifies things in terms of plot.

5. Same as 4, except Slinker decided to not die, and like the Fixit in 1. above, cut some kind of deal with the Council. I admit, this has some potential in plot terms, if/when the Council reappears on stage, though this strip would hint that this didn't happen.

6. The Council was stupid enough to let Widdendreem just go home, and Slinker arrived to find her hatless. This is by far the least likely outcome.

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