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Demonic Possession Empty Demonic Possession

Post by Geoduck on Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:05 am

It was asked if demons in the Mansionverse can possess people, as opposed to dominating them mentally (which they definitely can do.)

The answer is.. sort of, to a point. The Operator essentially does it here, with a whole bunch of Basement-dwellers, but that was under perfect circumstances (they were standing in a neat line stretching towards his target, a Ghast was his first victim, he was in an atypical flaming state after being bitten awake), and required an enormous strain on his part to maintain even as long as he did. As soon as Myrrh summoned the Elevator to a different floor, the magically-enhanced doors slammed shut and cut him off. However, there were after-effects.

But can they literally permanently transfer their consciousness into a new body? I won't rule it out 100% if something good occurs to me plot-wise at some point, but for now, probably not.

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