What do the Flittermice DO exactly?

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What do the Flittermice DO exactly?  Empty What do the Flittermice DO exactly?

Post by Zixinus on Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:52 am

"Flit into dark places and do the mucky jobs that need to be done". What does this cover exactly? Most of what I can think of is essentially discovering forgotten magic (or other substancial force) things, whether they are spirits, entities or still-operating machines and discover them as well as handle them if necessary. A profession of going into places where people normally don't go and professionally find out what actually lurks in the dark and do what they can do avoid it becoming a problem. Professional mystic dwellers? Professional pokers-of-dark-places?

Frogler mentions "livestock scrutinization". My idea is that she is checking over her data of livestock to see whether there is anything wrong with them in the supernatural sense that is beyond the scope of either herder or vet. For example of what might be wrong, the game King of Dragon Pass features Chaos that sometimes infects livestock. If you let it go unchecked, [url=http://kingofdragonpass.wikia.com/wiki/Baby_Broos]bad things can happen[\url] where the lose of the precious livestock is lesser problem.

Another thing: is this order religious? I recall one of the founders of the Temple being someone who ventured into dark places.


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