Abalone and Erewhon (minor spoilers)

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Abalone and Erewhon (minor spoilers) Empty Abalone and Erewhon (minor spoilers)

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Regarding Abalone. First, the image I did for Yorik's conquering the region is something of an exaggeration. He didn't literally lead his army across the border and find two people waiting for him in lounge-chairs. For one thing, he was no coward, but he certainly didn't lead his troops from the front. And yes, there was some actual fighting, but the Abalonians were so hopelessly outclassed, not a whole lot.

And to reply to one comment, yes, the Abalonians (or the collection of fiefdoms which became Abalone) were lucky, at least geographically. To the east was the Ridgebacks, a tall mountain range with no good passes, to the west was ocean, and to the south, a sparsely-populated desert. That left the north, and the Erewhonians. The latter folks could have invaded before Yorik came along, but they sort of shared the view of ancient China, that they were the best place on earth and why bother going out into the howling wastelands? This attitude was enhanced by one attempt they did make to expand north: they met the violently-xenophobic Haroons and got their asses handed to them. It came to bite them when Yorik came, as they didn't believe some "western barbarian" was a serious threat until it was far too late; if they'd marshaled their forces and met him at the Ridgebacks they maybe could have stopped him.

Speaking of which, the Erewhonians did have the provinces-to-be Moonin and Morlock as client/tribute states. When Yorik attacked, it was pretty easy for him to peel them off; he just offered a better deal to the inhabitants. Lighter taxes, less heavy-handed rule, plus their impersonal new ruler would be living way off beyond the Ridgebacks, not right next door like the hated Erewhonians.

And that's pretty much how it worked out. However, unlike other parts of Yurpsland such as Audravania, the Erewhonians never really accepted being added to the empire, and continued to be grumbling foot-dragging troublemakers right up to the present day. Then the Crash hit, making it that much harder for the central government to keep them under its thumb. And the situation has steadily deteriorated since then.

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