Mansionland's real name revealed. (Spoilers)

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Mansionland's real name revealed. (Spoilers) Empty Mansionland's real name revealed. (Spoilers)

Post by Geoduck on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:15 am





Yes, it's "Yurpsland". It's been Yurpsland from pretty much the very beginning of the comic, or at least when I started writing notes and sticking to an official continuity. I chose it because "Yurp" is amusingly silly, and a real-life corruption of the word "Europe", and the place is sort of metaphorically European in attitude and appearance.

I kept it hidden all this time mostly as a self-imposed challenge, to see if I could not explicitly mention it without things being totally awkward. (As I also did with Myrrh's name.) But I finally reached a point in Sylvester's story of his ancestors where I pretty much had to explicitly use it. I previously considered displaying it when Sylvester/Rosemary/Mortimer reached Eetown, and probably should have, because really, Mr. Gray the Clerk should have mentioned it at some point.

Of course, I say "hidden", but as at least one reader has commented, it was possible to figure it out before this if you really made an effort, I showed all of its parts at one time or another.

And yes, that's where the Basement-dwellers got the idea of "Yurp the demon-king", from Audra's war with Yorik. And why the national drink is called Yurple Juice.

If you insist on still having a mystery, "The Capital" is not the real official name of Yurpsland's capital. Wink

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Mansionland's real name revealed. (Spoilers) Empty Re: Mansionland's real name revealed. (Spoilers)

Post by Zixinus on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:46 pm

I was almost certain that it was going to be another Zork reference and it would be Yorikland. I was certain that it was going to start with Y because people in this universe are straightforward like that. Didn't miss too far off but stuff like Yurplejuice should have been a hint.


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