Mechana and its inhabitants (spoilers)

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Mechana and its inhabitants (spoilers)

Post by Geoduck on Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:48 am

Archangel asked on the MoE feedback box: "Is Mechana where the Borg-analogs live?"




If by Borg-analogs you're referring to the folks seen here ( and here ( First off, they are out-and-out robots with no organic components. like the MoE's Hector, not cyborgs like Star Trek's Borg.
That said.. yes. I intentionally left it very vague in the comic, but unless a better idea occurs to me plot-wise, this place is indeed in Mechana, which is far to the west of "Mansionland", in a part of the Known World that resembles Eastern Europe/the Steppes of Russia. (Tho the local enormous Russia-equivalent is called Thembria; Mechana is much smaller and mostly surrounded by the other.) Myrrh and Frederick went there via a Panegate which Myrrh was able to pry open. And yes, they've been there before, at irregular intervals. And it's on a powerful magical tricklepoint, which is why everything's working and in full color.

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