Use of Sneech Squeezings (SPOILERS)

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Use of Sneech Squeezings (SPOILERS) Empty Use of Sneech Squeezings (SPOILERS)

Post by Geoduck on Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:28 pm

To answer a question from reader Archangel: Why would the Ettins design systems that depended on the Sneeches? Or was that Ludwig?

This gets into stuff that I don't want to spoil even here, so in very broad strokes..




The Ettins didn't. Since their disappearance from the scene and the passage of a great deal of time, many things have changed in the Basement and Mansion, not always for the better. Decisions and compromises were made in the past that people now may start regretting.

And Ludwig was one of the more influential cooks to stir the pot over the years, though even he with all his genius didn't know and understand everything that was going on behind the walls.

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