Temple arrangements (and Fantod)

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Temple arrangements (and Fantod) Empty Temple arrangements (and Fantod)

Post by Geoduck on Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:01 pm

A few answers after the protagonists' visit to the village Temple. And Fantod. Possible mild spoilers.





Officially, Oracles are supposed to "remain pure". In the past this has been more rigorously enforced, but under the current (fairly pragmatic) High Temple regime, this is understood to mean "be discreet with your romantic liaisons, don't formally get married, and don't have kids." The presence of stiflebloom at least makes that last one easier to enforce. That said, some Oracles do end up being married in all but name, either to their Guardian or some other guy/gal. (Same-sex marriages are openly endorsed, but once again, that was not always the case.) Oracles have fallen in love to the point they have resigned their office and married the guy in question.

So, yes, some Oracles and Guardians become involved romantically, especially since they are strongly encouraged to pair up professionally by choice while still in training at the High Temple in the province of Gilad, rather than being assigned each other. Though sometimes assignments do happen, which is what happened with Omega and Finale following the disruption of the Crash; he wasn't exactly forced on her, but as Sylvester says in-strip, he was pretty much an afterthought as far as she was concerned.

And so, no, Omega and Finale were never a romantic item. Omega was never a romantic item with anyone, at least not during her time in Eetown. Threnody and Dirge are not romantically linked, though they did choose each other and are very fond of one another.

Guardians, being "less important", are allowed to marry and have children, which is what Finale did. Yes, it's hypocritical, and there have been attempts at reform which so far have been resisted.

Still, Guardians are not ordered to just stand around and Guard (tho they most definitely do that); it is recognized that sometimes male Templegoers need a male confidant/role-model to talk to, and so in theory a Guardian provides this service. How much a Guardian actually contributes to Temple discussions and sermons varies wildly; some are essentially co-Oracles. Dirge is not, but that is his choice, being someone who doesn't talk much. The Guardian on Gnomin in Rosemary's childhood, Ragweed, took a far more proactive role, as the Oracle Dandelion was something of a fluttery ditz. (Albeit a kind and beloved one.)

There have been attempts to break down the sexual-division in terms of the pairs, allowing Male Oracles and Female Guardians, but again they have met with resistance. Somewhat ironic, as the whole idea of "Guardians" evolved from the fact that Founding Oracle Kathryn spent much of her time guarding fellow FO Daisy from assassination attempts in the Temple movement's early days. (Daisy was the Organizer as opposed to FO Violet's Visionary, and served as the first official Prime Oracle.) Kathryn had a son who took over her duties after she became too old to do them, which led to the creation of the Guardians.

As for Fantod, it's my rule that everyone who meets him, without exception, automatically treats him as if he is a separate personality from the Weirdo. Whether this is actually true remains to be seen.

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